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PostPosted: 2014/02/13 16:58    Post subject:

My times are in Eastern time, but these have the possibility of changing in a couple weeks when we change rotations in school and any day could also be unavailable if I have a test/assignment the next day. Nursing school sucks for a consistent raiding schedule. :/

Monday: 10-whenever
Tuesday: 10-whenever
Wednesday: Probably not, since I have to get up at 530 Thursday AM
Thursday: Probably not, since I have to get up at 530 Friday AM
Friday: 10 or 11- whenever
Saturday: 11-whenever
Sunday: 10-whenever

PostPosted: 2014/02/12 23:36    Post subject:

Think we can proly add DoriNori to our planned Roster as well.

PostPosted: 2014/02/12 22:14    Post subject:

As long as we don't roll past like 12:00 am Monday - Thursday I am good any of those days. Weekends may be inconsistent but not totally out of the question.

PostPosted: 2014/02/12 18:26    Post subject:

I can raid pretty much anytime after around 6pm Pacific.  Depending on traffic I might be a little late.

PostPosted: 2014/02/12 17:57    Post subject:

My availability is:
                          Monday not at all
                          Tuesday: 9:30-whenever
                          Wednesday: 9:00- whenever
                           Thursday: 9:30- whenver
                           Ideally not the weekends I really dont think I could make any of them

PostPosted: 2014/02/12 17:48    Post subject: Raiding Availability

Hey all, we are inching closer to finally being able to raid as our own group! If things go well and we can find a day that works for all of us, we should be able to get a raid going next week. For the immediate future, whoever is availabile will still be running with Qyck and his group on their normal Tuesday / Friday night raids for story mode op runs*.  Please provide us with a schedule of your available and not available days.

 *(unless qyck's days/times are the only days that work for our main raid days, then we will scrap that and find a different pug)

For example, here is mine in central time. (If you don't indicate your timezone, I'm just going to assume central):

  • Monday: ~9:00 - ~12:30

  • Tuesday: ~9:00 - ~12:30

  • Wednesday: ~9:45 - whenever

  • Thursday: ~9:00 - whenever

  • Friday: Probably not, would just be too inconsistent

  • Saturday: Probably not, would just be too inconsistent

  • Sunday: Probably not, would just be too inconsistent

(If we only have the weekends that work for us, I can probably make that happen just not something I want to do)

Our goal when we raid will be doing some sort of 8 man hard mode, but before we can do that we need to find day(s)/time(s) that work for all of us. As far as our goal(s) in term of raid days/times, for the immediate future we will probably just stick with one day and go a max of 3 hours (I stress that word max, probably less). If things go well and we can expand the times, we will look into it. 


PS - Even if you aren't 55 but plan on raiding at some point, feel free to post.